04 August 2008


We have a new source of hot water in camp this year. It is a 30 gallon propane fired hot water tank.

Decades ago this camp was one of the first to have a hot in-camp shower with a wood fired tank. You would stoke the fire and wait for the water to heat. Then we went to propane, but it was still a wait for hot water proposition. For the last few years we have been using an instant heat RV trailer kind of propane burner. But we found it had more problems--you had to turn it on and off in a special sequence, couldn't leave it running long or you risk blowing the hoses from the pressure.

This year's shower has all the hot water you need, an overhead spray and a handheld spray--run one or both. Best of all the worst thing that can happen is the propane tank runs out and you need to swap in a new one before you can shower.

Thank you Toguchi, Pug, Devon, and all the campmaster's crew! I love my sword brothers!
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