10 February 2007

why I haven't blogged in ages . . .

So life is crazy. I'm teaching 10 load hours per week at one University, working as an administrative assistant 20 hours per week at a 2nd , taking 2 grad classes toward an MFA (do I really need a fourth degree?), maintaining webpages for 2 departments, for the NEOMFA, as well as trying to keep up with my own personal and class pages (Liam, honey, I'm so sory I haven't updated your pages!), and through all that I'm trying to stay on top of my own poetry and writing. Got papers to grade and papers to write, and all I want to do is curl up with a good Terry Pratchett disc world novel.

Sigh. Time to go find something useful to do.

BTW: see my recent poem in Poetry Midwest online. Also got an article on Beomeosa coming out in the Vindicator next week.