20 November 2004

Doom. Oh yeah.

I haven't been able to write here lately. Haven't even felt much like ranting. All I can think about is the next four years and the erosion of our rights, our economy, our culture, and our environment.

Depressing. Isn't it.

06 November 2004

Apparently we should all vote Republican . . .

. . . the others aren't counted anyway.

So, can anyone tell me why some polls in Ohio returned more Republican votes than they actually had total registered voters? Inquiring minds want to know.

the following message was posted to Democratic Underground by Czolgosz:

"Look at page 23 on the voter returns for Franklin County, Ohio:


Check out the presidential totals for precinct Gahana 1:

The Libertarian: 13
Bush/Cheney: 6253
Kerry/Edwards: 1916
Constitutional Party: 10

Now, check out the senatorial vote in that precinct:

Republican: 2848
Democrat: 1259

Did 4000 people vote for Bush/Cheney and just skip the senatorial vote?

No. Check out the precinct voter count: 4346.

An additional 4000 Bush/Cheney votes in box Gahana 1-B: go figure!

Bush/Cheney '04: 'More votes than voters: Now THAT'S a mandate!'"

02 November 2004

November 2nd--potentially a day of doom

Well, here it is. Election day. Scary stuff. We may be stuck with the "cowboy" or we may get the preppie for awhile. What will change? Bush, quite frankly scares me. He seems to exude a stubborn I-am-right-and-God-is-on-my-side attitude about everything. He got the job of president after only six years in the hot seat in Texas. Before that he ran a baseball team. Not what you call great credentials. (Almost as bad as electing someone to run California whose only experience is in movie making and running a fitness club.)

On the other hand Kerry was not my first choice, either. Then again he does have more compassion for the plights of the lower and middle classes (a refreshing change from Bush who playacts the role of a "regular guy" while handing big money to his corporate pals). And Kerry is intelligent. He can even pronounce nuclear--ever since Bush lied about the weapons of mass distruction in Iraq I kinda worry about who's in charge of the last resort button being that stupid.

Actually last night on Frontline there was a wonderful side-by-side comparison of the 2 candidates which merely cemented my chice to vote for anybody-but-Bush.

I don't know why we don't seem to have really clear choices anymore. Did we ever? Or is it a function of the media frenzy that we live in which makes too much information available all the time. All I know is that Kerry is scary.

And we will have to wait till tomorrow to know what kind of a mess we will have to clean up next.