06 November 2004

Apparently we should all vote Republican . . .

. . . the others aren't counted anyway.

So, can anyone tell me why some polls in Ohio returned more Republican votes than they actually had total registered voters? Inquiring minds want to know.

the following message was posted to Democratic Underground by Czolgosz:

"Look at page 23 on the voter returns for Franklin County, Ohio:


Check out the presidential totals for precinct Gahana 1:

The Libertarian: 13
Bush/Cheney: 6253
Kerry/Edwards: 1916
Constitutional Party: 10

Now, check out the senatorial vote in that precinct:

Republican: 2848
Democrat: 1259

Did 4000 people vote for Bush/Cheney and just skip the senatorial vote?

No. Check out the precinct voter count: 4346.

An additional 4000 Bush/Cheney votes in box Gahana 1-B: go figure!

Bush/Cheney '04: 'More votes than voters: Now THAT'S a mandate!'"

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