02 August 2008

Odd flash from the past

We got on the road very late yesterday, but it was only an hour and a half drive so we still expected to set up at the end of daylight. Not so. Once on the highway the trailer started to shimmy at speeds over 50 mph. We ended up pulling over and unstrapping, unloading, and redistributing weight. It was 9 pm before we hit camp.

One very surreal moment on the journey came when we stopped at the Sheetz outside of Cooper's Lake to pick up ice for the coolers. As I am walking back to the car, big bag of ice in each hand, a voice from the window of a van next to me says: "Need a hand with that?"

I make "Thanks I have it covered" noises and some small talk figuring this is a SCAdian who knows me who I am just not recognizing when the voice suddenly clicks with me. It's Tom. Tom who hasn't spoken a civil word to me in I can't remember how many years. Tom who sits in my memory as the best example of a relationship gone bad. Tom who tore the household apart then left in a huff. And here we were exchanging pleasantries. (Those of you at home who know the history and are reading this can probably imagine my surprise!) Will wonders never cease?

At Troll we ran into him again. And he said hello to Steve, too. A good omen for the War, I think.

Arriving in the dark is not so bad with anda like ours. Everyone in camp came to help unload. It only takes a couple extra hands to set up a yurt in the dark (special blessings on you, Bagshi and Toguchi) when there are many other hands to hold lights, pass tools, and give hugs.

The best part of coming home to this hill is the hugs. I love my brothers!

Okay. Time to get to work. Time to (as Pug tells me I do) "putter around" the yurt. Time to put on funny clothes and no longer be Jana and Steve, but become Chai and Silver. Time to step into another reality.
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