22 June 2004

Whatsa Chai?

the first question you have to ask yourself is why do you want read this blog. Is it newsworthy? Is it exciting? Does it have a catchy name?

What you may ask is Chai? Well, for one thing it is my nickname. Although the spellings (or pronounciations) vary a bit, in Mongolian it means white or pale, in Russian it means tea, in India it is a special kind of tea with honey and pepper (Both sweet and hot! I like that!), in Hebrew it means life, and in ancient Egyptian it means killer....

Vist here often and you will get my killer opinions on life the universe and everything. And from time to time I'll post a really good recipe for chai, too.

1 comment:

cabezuca said...

Hi chai.. I'm having a cup right now.. really.. Blended ice chai.. Do you know how to make the stuff???