19 January 2008

What's influencing your mind?

How many advertisements have you watched today?


Meagan said...

I wonder if they included web ads in that 3000.

G said...

But does the culture not come from the family? I believe the two largest issues in this country are lack of family values and lack of personal responsibility. I truly believe if we could correct those (all starting in the home) the rest would be easy. However it is currently easy to blame a poor self image on the media and to point at advertisements as the cause of teen pregnancy.

Rick said...

A powerful piece. I intend to use it for a teaching segment. I think a footnote (perhaps a rebuttal) to the comment by "G" is that popular media are dominated by and may even be said to have been appropriated by hyper-capitalistic forces which quite awhile ago discovered that images have an influence similar to endorphins; they tap into the subliminal. In my mind, it's the same thing as Starbucks using sugar to sell four dollar nutritional nightmares to students.