20 March 2005

Should be Grading papers. . .

It is Sunday. It is evening. I have 2 manuscripts to proofread, I'm behind on articles I need to read for my MFA classes; I have 2 classes worth of China Civ. quizzes to grade and have barely scratched the surface of the 45 freshman English essays that should've been graded last week.

So am I hard at work? No. I have an irrepressible urge to play computer games. The saddest thing is that I'd even rather clean house at this moment than read those quizzes and essays.

For all you procrastinators like me out there, here's a list odf my favorite timewasters:

If you like word games, try Bookworm, Text Twist, or What Word.

Good at spacial relationships or patterns? Try Collapse, Alchemy, or Cubis Also fond of bling-bling? Try Bejeweled /Diamond Mine, or Jewel Quest.

For a my all time favorite time-waster try Settlers of Catan--you get to build monopolies, trade goods, attack you neighbors and take over the world. Do you suppose this is how George Bush started?

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