27 December 2004

Update on Tsunami in Asia

See the World Changing website for info from on the spot bloggers on the quake and the resulting tsunami. As of this morning the New York Times put the death toll as 19,000 people, more recent reports from the affected areas suggest the number is closer to 23,000. NYT also has an informative interactive graphic on their main page and a video report.

From the Associated Press newswire comes: "COLOMBO, Sri Lanka(AP) Rescuers piled up bodies along southern Asian coastlines devastated by tidal waves that obliterated seaside towns and killed more than 22,000 people in 10 countries, and officials indicated Monday that the death toll could climb far higher." [Source: AP news wire, on Road Runner.com]

Also from WorldChanging.com: "Read Keith Taylor's understanding of the magnitude of the devastation both immediate and longer term, and a detailed explanation on tsunamis. Excellent coverage at The Command Post, a first-hand account here, updated death tolls here and how you can help [Source : Keith Taylor]."

As a sort of side note, Last fall I attended an exhibition opening at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History featuring photos of the Yangtze River, before and after the Three Gorges Dam was built. One gentleman there was an environmental engineer, who in conversation said that dams cause earthquakes. I wonder. Could the Dam on the Yangtze be putting pressure on the same tectonic plate that caused the earthquake? Could it cause an earthquake? BTW, the Cleveland Museom of Natural History has an upcoming lecture on the subject of earthquakes and volcanoes on Jan. 26th, 2005. I think I will go ask the questions there.

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